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Top Colors for Good Vastu in Your Pooja Rooms in 2021

Once it comes to vastu, colour is one of the most common mistakes people make. Vastu is an energy science that operates by elevating the energy of your home by the use of various elements. Consider the effect that colours can have on a pooja room that is meant to be positive. The colours yellow, green, Orange, or white, according to Vastu, are ideal for the pooja room. There are several vastu colours for a pooja room, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top few.

Yellow Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

Pooja room in Yellow

Many families believe in turning a small part of their living room into their home’s pooja region. The yellow colour is the best for pooja rooms among the optimistic Vastu colours suggested by experts. Yellow is a religious colour that shines with light and brightness. Yellow is also the colour of wealth and intelligence, so the rays encourage all to practice or research at their maximum degree of focus.

Orange Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

In terms of auspiciousness, orange and vermillion always accompany purple. A vibrant orange represents strength and confidence, while a more subdued brick colour exudes passion and stimulates prayer. Avoid darker tones because they are harsh and distracting when attempting to relax into a meditative mood. To make a small room feel airy and new, choose a lighter shade of orange. 

White Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

Make sure the pooja room’s whole wall stays painted white. Purity, cleanliness, openness, innocence, ease, and comfort are all associated with the colour white. You should not paint the whole house white because it also reflects modesty and intimacy; otherwise, you will become egocentric

Green Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

Try using green pooja room paint colours to immediately calm the senses and add a little bit of nature into your house. Green represents life, nature, and unity, both of which are ideal elements to incorporate into such a sacred space. The splash of colour also adds just the right amount of dynamism to reflection and prayer.

Neutral Vastu Colors for Pooja Room

In vastu shastra, neutral colours are also considered to be very healthy and are recommended for pooja rooms and other rooms

Vastu Colors for a Pooja Room Tip: Stay away from black!

In vastu, black is a disrupting colour that can suffocate the positive and harmonious energy that flows through your pooja space. Dark colours in general, according to Vastu, do not attract as much hope as their lighter counterparts. When used wrongly, they often make a room seem smaller and more crowded. This will make it difficult to fall into a routine..

We hope that this collection of optimistic Vastu colours and how to use them in your Pooja room will assist you in creating a great vibe and energy. Add a splash of bright colours to your Pooja room! Please contact our team at Interior Drive if you have any questions.

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